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Sligo | Irish music

Willing to share their appetite for Irish music, serious about the quality of the arrangements, the musicians of the band Sligo created by the end of 2008 in Lorraine, France, offer their own vision of Ireland, from the traditional lively tunes through the songs and vocal harmonies to more melancholic tunes. They do not hesitate to cross breed this music with their own influences. A genuine invitation to travel...

Sligo is made of 6 musicians : Axelle Colombo and Clémence Ricochon on the fiddles, Yann Caroff on the guitar, Jean-Gérard Loescher on the bass, Marino Leone on percussions (bodhràn, djembé, cajón...), and Marie-Hélène Caroff as a lead singer and on the whistles. Since 2008, the band from Lorraine has built up a reputation in the Celtic music universe, especially on important concerts : the Nuits Celtiques in Attert (Belgium - 2.500 people in the audience) opening for Líadan and Tri Yann, Zeltik Festival of Dudelange opening for Comas, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Carlos Núñez (Luxembourg - 3.500 people), the Celtic Night in Metz (57 - 40.000 people) opening for Alan Stivell and Carlos Núñez, as well as the Festival Interceltique de Lorient the past three years. Since its creation, the band has performed for more than a hundred gigs (and counting).