Amazing Grass


Amazing Grass | Bluegrass

Amazing Grass has been around since the 80's and has welcome its third generation of musicians. The first one had toured France, Czechoslovakia and the USA. After several founding members left, the second generation arrived with Jean-Luc Blocher on guitar and as the lead singer and Régis Daumas on the double bass and background vocals, until a fare-thee-well concert in 1995. But Amazing Grass has found its third wind in 2010 with the arrival of Paolo Conti on the banjo and on Dobro, and Axelle Colombo on fiddle.

Bill Monroe, pioneer of the bluegrass style, had collected songs and tunes of the Appalachian folklore, from Kentucky to Tennessee mixing guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, Dobro and double bass, in his first band "The Blue Grass Boys". Originating from Kentucky, they chose this name as a tribute its hills, where the grass, oddly enough, looks blue at dawn. If bluegrass is deeply influencedby the Irish music of the immigrants of the XIXth century, who came with their fiddles, lively tunes and slow airs, it also integrates the Black Americans' blues and gospel. Country music later emerged out of this unique blend.

In the same vein, Amazing Grass integrates the influences of each of its members, that is Régis' jazz, Axelle's Irish, Paolo's Hawaiian or Jean-Luc's blues. The blend works, and makes us feel good, carried away, the time of a concert, into the 30's in Kentucky...